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The Marches of Woldhaven!

Woldhaven is currently the largest human settlement on the island continent of Jarlspyd.

Located atop a massive cliff side two forks of a huge river the city is easily defended by sea and land.

Founded as a logging town during the first settlement of Jarlspyd Woldhaven’s location on a river and proximity to bountiful sources of prized lumber has kept trade strong.

After the empires withdraw of military forces from Jarlspyd 178 years ago, during the war known as “The Scourge”, Woldhaven was one of the few human settlements to remain continually occupied during the empire’s abandonment.

Without the protection of the empire, and a hostile land filled with warlike races, Woldhaven had to adapt quickly. They raised their own standing militia, called the Coimiceoir (ancient word for Guardians) or simply The Guard, with required service by all adults for two years and continued service for two weeks a year for life.

With the return of the Imperial Garrisons to Jarlspyd some have called for the dissolution of Coimiceoir but most Woldhosts (what they refer to themselves as) are unwilling to rely so fully on the empire who desertion is not forgotten..

Main Page

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