Warlock of Deel the God of Lightning, Wind and Storms


Talos was raised in the heart of the empire by his mother, father and extended family. His father was the leader of the local militia and trained as an eldritch knight. His mother was a hedge caster with minor arcane talents and passed her knowledge on to the eager Talos. The father also educated Talos with martial implements and knight’s chivalry. Sadly his picturesque youth ended dramatically. On the night of the harvest festival, when Talos was 14, the militia and entire village were massacred by foul demons under mysterious and unprecedented circumstances. Most of the people were quickly dismembered and devoured while a few were tortured over days before expiring. Talos stayed hidden in the muck of an outhouse for two days while forced to listen to his family and friends being murdered.
After escaping he was forced to live in a nearby city as a downtrodden street urchin. Talos spent the next two years learning the skills of a cutpurse/pickpocket. He quickly learned a great mistrust of “real” authority figures but also the camaraderie of the street. Talos was able to join the local thieves guild but his desire for vengeance and arcane might kept him from settling for his new lot in life.
One night Talos was following a drunk Knight home so that he could pick his pocket but instead witnessed the Knight’s murder. Ser Colbert, a rich Knight from the far North, was assassinated by three dark clad men and dragged to the edge of town. The assassins took great care to bury the Knight with all of his equipment, apparently trying to hide all evidence of Ser Colbert’s visit to the town. After observing their strange behavior, Talos dug up the Knight, took his very valuable equipment and donned his armor. Well equipped with new purpose Talos left the city traveling South. Now traveling in search of eldritch power he has claimed Ser Colbert as his new identity.
The last 6 years “Ser Colbert” has wandered the outskirts of the empire and the edge of the borderlands mastering pole-arms and researching arcane knowledge in the hope of one day having the power to strike back at demon-kind. Lacking the intelligence for true magic and the raw talent for sorcery, Ser Colbert has elected to strike a pact with Lady Fierna, ruler of the Fourth Layer of the Nine Hells of Baator. He believes the eternal Blood War between devils and demons will provide him with allies or at least a common foe. (Generally introduces himself as Ser Colbert a wandering knight.)


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