Markus von Grauenhagen

Markus is a a towering man with broad shoulders who bears himself with confidence. His otherwise intimidating presence is softened by the kindness in



Justicar Knight

Race: Human Age: 31 Height: 6’10 Weight: 240lbs Eyes: Grey Hair: Blond


Sir Markus von Grauenhagen is a Justicar of the Order of the Scarlet Dawn, that has a significant presence in the western provinces of the Empire. The Order keeps the peace on the roads of the densely forested region, seeks out and vanquishes monstrous threats and bandits, sits in charge of trials where the local lord is unavailable and mediates disputes between noble families. The Grand Master of the Order has dispatched several Justicars to Jarlspyd to establish a presence on the continent, bring justice to the frontier and assist the local population against whatever threats to civilization rear their ugly heads. Markus is one of those senior knights.

Markus von Grauenhagen

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