Mardred Fireforge

A finely clad dwarf with a lopsided beard and marked scaring on his right cheek.


Master Artisan of Pelor

Race: Dwarf Age: 65 Height: 4’6 Weight: 150lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown


Mardred grew up in Jarlspyd as the son of a long line of blacksmiths, a trade which he made his own. His elder sister Bardryn was never interested in the family business and was drawn towards the religious life instead. However, she could not pursue this, because she needed to care for her ailing father – her mother having died many years before.

Upon her father’s death, Bardryn inherited the forge (being the eldest child). She was finally free to to enter the convent as a novice. However, the order required two things of all the novitiate: firstly, a suitable offering to Pelor and secondly the renouncement of all worldly goods. Baldryn therefore offered the whole business in satisfaction of these obligations, much to Mardred’s dismay.

He initially tried to talk Baldryn out of her vocation (and he can be very forceful when it comes to business), but had his own religious experience at the convent. This led him to believe that he had a calling as a cleric of Pelor, which he immediately pursued, now believing that the loss of the forge was a blessing in disguise. However, dwarven resentment tends to last centuries and he still mutters about the convent’s greed from time to time.

Mardred is barely considered an adult in dwarven society, being a mere stripling of 65 years old, and while he looks an imposing figure, especially in armour, his face is noticeably different from other dwarfs. The right side of his cheek and chin show severe scarring from what is presumed to be a burn and this means that his beard, usually the pride of any dwarf, is distinctly lop-sided and a bit shorter than usual. However, anyone foolish enough to call him “half-beard” is unlikely to do so twice (even assuming that they could).

Mardred’s shield was his masterpiece – the example of work that gained him is rank of a master smith (and at an age much younger than is usual). It has a large sun picked out in fine gold leaf at its centre, which has been consecrated by the Synod of Pelor in Jarlspyd and now acts as his holy object.

He forged his own half-plate armour and the individual plates on the torso bear sigils of flame, giving the impression of a raging fire blazing across his chest. It is obviously still a work in progress as many other plates look as if another symbol has been hammered out, but not yet finished to the same standard..

Mardred courted controversy in his home town by his willingness to deal with those who are considered outsiders, supplying the despised local “barbarians” with farm implements (although he always refused to make them any weapons). He therefore has a good grasp of their language, Cairnelander, which is uncommon amongst any of the so-called “civilized” races.

Mardred Fireforge

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