Hestia Mulligan

A tallish, well muscled, fair-skinned woman in her late twenties with long blonde hair tied in a braid.


Paladin of Pelor

Race: Human Age: 31 Height: 6’2 Weight: 182lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde


Hestia, having originally set out to right wrongs and make new an interesting dishes, disappeared to the southern continent after a conflict she could not overlook. After failing to defend one of her allies from the attacks of her other allies she took it upon herself to look after his two sisters. After some tough negotiations she managed to convince the strong willed young girls that staying within reach of her formerly trusted companions might be less than ideal and they vanished across the sea. Using the money she had made in various adventures and her connection with a shady doppleganger she was able to set the girls up comfortably on the southern continent while she took up the search for the abbot.

Hestia Mulligan

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