The Sinister Secret of Saelmoral
Session One

We were on one of three ships bound for Woldhaven from the empire before they were set upon by hobgoblin corsairs. We managed to sink the attackers right before a hurricane blew in from out to sea and we were forced to abandon ship and make for shore in the lifeboats. Hestia spilt a pot of soup. The trip to shore was rough but we made it – Ser Colbert got flung out of the boats but we managed to get him back onboard. We drug the ship up on land but as the weather was rapidly degrading, we decided to head to a small abandoned fishing village that Gwen knew about. We traveled for a couple of hours before coming to a raging, overflowing stream and had to engineer a way across (we didn’t caulk the wagon and float it :< ) We made it across but we lost Lefty in the process. Presumed deceased.

We traveled a few more hours before making it to the village in the thick of the storm. We searched the inn and found six bottles of bourbon which Hestia took to immediately. The buildings looked surprisingly new despite the town apparently being abandoned. The interior was covered in dust. We then headed west towards the church on the high ground, but Jander thought he heard some voices coming from a longhouse. We investigated and found no signs of habitation, though the layer of dust was disturbed by what looked like an arc of chairs facing the entrance. We searched a dormitory and found nothing, but a rather creepy deer head (did that thing move?!). Hestia found a recipe for (new england) clam chowder.

We left and headed once more toward the church, but saw a light come on in a shack and knocked to find an old hermit who was apparently a taxidermist and explained to him that we had been shipwrecked. He seemed distraught at the mention of hobgoblins, but otherwise hospitable. He offered to let us stay in the church and escorted us to it.

He unlocked the church and let us in and we began to make ourselves comfortable and lit a fire and started to dry out our clothes. We noted that the church seemed to have most of its iconography missing. We seem to be in the eye of the storm as the temperature drops and the wind and rain halt. Eventually, [someone] notices that Righty hasn’t been seen in some time. We start to investigate and realize we’re locked in. We hear a definitively right-handed scream!

Hestia breaks open a window and jumps out and sees Righty tied to a cross, being tortured by who we find to be the old hermit. We all pile out of the window except for Soldevan who remains inside to guard the girls and Murrey (the cook). Before we can act, the hermit makes a deep stab into Righty, killing him.

Combat ensues, and we fight off a small swarm of zombies (and their huge bits of zombie junk) and a necrotically-empowered hermit. In the end, Ser Colbert delivers the finishing blow and cuts an eye-ball-ish necklace away from him – and a raven flies down, picks it up, and flies off. As the clouds part, we see an robed woman off in the distance surrounded by a back of demonic-in-appearance hounds. She seems to laugh and then disappear into the outlying forest.



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