Welcome to The Marches of Woldhaven

The world is dangerous, mysterious, and alive. What you do matters and the world does not wait for you. Where you choose to go may be your doom, but riches and adventure await those willing take the risk!

The Marches of Woldhaven is an open world “hex-crawl” campaign. I have a map… you need to make one. There may be more than one group of adventurers in this place. You may choose to share your discoveries or not. If you steal the dragon’s egg… it won’t be there for the next guy. Those goblins to the south… probably not going to just sit there waiting for you to stumble upon them.

Vasnetsov_-_Knight_at_the_Crossroads.jpgThe city of Woldhaven is the last major city on an island that was once populated and ruled by a distant empire. They called the island Jarlsypd.

Two centuries ago a cataclysmic war with the “evil humanoids” of the land led by foul sorcerers ended. Although the evil was halted the will of the empire was broken and they abandoned their settlements, and allies, and left the island.

The town of Woldhaven survived the last two centuries as a bastion of law in a wild and dangerous place. Grown to a bustling city by fiercely protecting their little corner of Jarlspyd.

Recently the interest of the empire has turned back to Jarlspyd and garrisons have arrived to reclaim the protectorate. They are paying adventurers travel expenses to Jarlsypd and providing bounties for those that help with the empires requests.

The world beyond those city gates are filled with ancient secrets, ravenous hordes, “things man was not meant to know”™.

That is where you come in… are you from another part of the empire, Woldhaven, the wilds? What has brought you here?


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